Lost Odyssey Enemy
Reef Worm
HP Element Type SP Gold
175 Water Organic 1 40g
Location Encountered Dropped
Sea of Baus Magic-Luring Stone
Paraweed Thorn
Stolen Rare Steal
Cold Water Stone None
Abilities: Digestive Juice, Barricade, Shield
Susceptible To: Paralysis
Weak Against: Element Earth, Bio Killer Rings


Reef Worms aren't all that tough, but they generally come at you in groups. This can be a bit of trouble if they hit you with Digestive Juice (which lowers your defense) and then follow it up with an attack, but they usually won't employ much strategy. If anything you can simply view Digestive Juice as a waste of one of their turns, since it does no damage. Their Barrier spell is similarly a waste, since it's not enough of a buffer against your spells anyway. Physical attacks easily take down Reef Worms, as does Ground magic

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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