Lost Odyssey Enemy Boss
Rough Queen
HP Element Type SP Gold
1,560 Earth Organic 10 5,000
Dropped Stolen Location
Slot Seed Slot Seed* Black Cave
Susceptible To:
Immune to All Status Effects
Weak Against:
Element Wind, Bio Killer Rings
Cry Calls additional allies to the fight
Flee Runs away from fight
Pheromone Increases the physical damage of a Rough Servant

Boss Strategy

Boss 6

Ok, this fight will start off with the Rough Queen on your enemy's back row, and four Rough Servants on their front row. Now as for their attacks, each one of the servants will start by using their physical attacks: that's 125-225 damage or so. Now the Queen in the back will spice things up as soon as she gets the chance, by using her Pheromone ability. What this will do is make all but one of the servants become jealous, and one become in a frenzy. The jealous ones will occasionally waste their turn by using Jealousy, which does 10-12 damage to the frenzied servant. Sounds good, right? The frenzied one will gain the rush ability, which does nearly 700 damage to one of your characters. That's not so good. Other attacks that the queen has includes Cry, which will call an additional servant to the front line, and Flee which will... flee. If she flees, the party will have to track her down again and start the battle over. Well now that you know how your opponent works, it's time to devise a strategy that will beat them. As with the previous battles, a good team to have is Seth, Kaim, Jansen, Sarah and Cooke. Have them cast Winda (or if Cooke doesn't have that, Wind) on three separate Rough Servants. Then, have Seth and Kaim working to finish them off. The idea is to get your enemy's GC bar to zero as quickly as you can. Once that happens, switch your focus entirely to the Queen even if it means leaving some fully healthy Rough Servants that she has called to battle on the frontline. She only has 1,560 HP, so she's not really hard to kill once her defensive wall is down. Hit her with a couple of Windas and that should do it. Once she's gone you'll be able to metholodically wipe the floor with the remaning servants to end the battle.

* If you steal a Slot Seed and then defeat the Rough Queen in one fight, she will not drop another. If you steal one and then she Flees, you can catch her again and defeat her to make her drop another. You CANNOT steal a seed in the second fight, nor will she flee again after the first time. Thus, you can gain a total of two, though due to this -- in all likelyhood -- being a glitch, you won't need another one. There are enough in the game to max out your immortals without it (using slot + skills).

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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