The Sea of Baus
First Accessible Availability
Disc 1 after leaving the Ipsilon Mountains All but the Eastern Shore become inaccessible after Grand Staff returns to the Sea of Baus.
Save Orb Refresh Orb Seeds Slot Seed
Eastern Shore
Crater Island
N/A Reef Shallows
Beach of the Wastes
Beach of the Wastes
Points of Interest
Magic Generators If you're near a magic generator while its glowing, you'll be attacked by monsters and suffer paralysis for one turn, giving the enemies a free hit. If you ram it when it's not glowing, you'll get an item and destroy the generator.


Side Quests and ErrandsEdit


Dream Name Location Trigger details
They Live in Shells Sea of Baus - Crater Island - Numara Troop Camp Examine Kaim's cell after getting ambushed at Grand Staff.


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Aqua Sphere 270 None Water Fast Cast, Aqua Magic-Luring Stone Sticky Tape, Cold Water Stone
Bogimoray 1,830 Organic Fire Absorb, Para-Flare None None
Floating Fish 340 None Water None Cold Water Stone Cold Water Stone, Paraweed Thorn
Granshaker 720 None Water Ground Shake Quality Iron Sand Quality Iron Sand, Pumice of Despair
Mad Carpace 105 Hardened Water Downswing Hard Skin Hard Skin, Whetstone
Magic Insect A 240 Organic Wind Charge Magic, Appear, Force Magic-Luring Stone Whetstone, Insect Innards
Numara Soldier A 370 None None None None None
Numara White Magician A 370 None None Heal, Shield Circlet Circlet
Reef Worm 175 Organic Water Digestive Juice, Barricade Cold Water Stone Paraweed Thorn, Magic-Luring Stone

Bosses highlighted

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