This contains the transcripts of the security guard logs found inside the experimental staff remains.


Security Guard LogEdit

I was wondering why they were bringing all this heavy equipment in, but it turns out they've built a research lab underground. A bunch on technicians were transferred down there earlier. Working right near all kinds of crazy monsters... that's one heck of a demotion. Oops, I probably shouldn't be writing this kind of thing into the security log...

Most folks aren't allowed underground. It's too dangerous, they say. I asked why there aren't any security measures taken, but they said it'd be too dangerous even for us security guards. What the heck are they doing down there?

I went down there today after being asked to help with their research. What transpired was simply horrible. That's the last time I believe anything those technicians say! I just hope they don't ask for me again. I hate being a security grunt sometimes...

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