Type Obtained Combat
Mortal Disc 3 Ranged

HP MP Strength Vitality
Magic Defense Magic Attack Attack Time Cast Time
Beginning Stats
Level HP MP Attack
35 1,480 50 433
Defense Strength Vitality
259 433 259
Attack Time Casting Time Accuracy
3 5 89
Magic Attack Magic Defense Evade
192 16 9

Sed is the mortal son of Seth Balmore who has physically aged beyond his mother. In his younger years, the notorious pirate Sed was always rough and ready for a fight. That passion hasn't waned as he's grown older, but his wisdom has caught up with his spirit, giving him a little more caution than before. Kaim and his crew finds Sed is quite grateful for the show of friendship. He's deadly accurate with a rifle, and his trusty ship is a fine way to cross the open seas.


It could be considered that Sed's name is derived from the Cid characters of the Final Fantasy series, as Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Lost Odyssey, also worked on a lot of Final Fantasy games, where the name Cid is a recurring theme. This is further backed up by the fact he is the main mechanical member of the group, and provides them with vehicular transport, which is another recurring theme of Cid.

Family TreeEdit

Seth Balmore

Social RelationshipsEdit

Kaim Argonar

Kaim is Sed's friend whom he first met in the Burning cave after piloting the Nautilus there.

Seth Balmore

Seth is Sed's mother whom he affectionately calls "momma". The two were seperated after Seth lost her memories, and then reunited when she and Tolten saved Sed from execution in Uhra.

Jansen Friedh

Jansen is Sed's friend whom he first met in the Burning Cave.


Cooke is Sed's friend who somewhat idolizes him and affectionately calls him "captain". They first met in the burning cave.


Mack is Sed's friend whom he first met in the burning cave.

Ming Numara

Ming is Sed's friend whom he first met in the burning cave.

Sarah Sisulart

Sarah is Sed's friend whom he first met in the burning cave.


Tolten is Sed's friend whom he first met after being saved from exection in Uhra.

Skill Advancement Edit

Level Skill MP SP
35 Turn-Tail - 8
35 Steal - 5
35 Taunt 5 8
35 Magic Seal 20 10
35 Counter Seal 20 10
35 Double Item - 20
35 Auto Shield - 30
35 Auto Barrier - 30
35 Resourceful - 8
35 Double Gold - 100
35 Double Loot - 100
35 Double SP - 100
37 Ultimate Analysis - 20
40 Special Accessory - 30
44 Double Experience - 100
48 3 Accessories - 30
52 Lucky GC Ignore - 20

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