Lost Odyssey Enemy
HP Element Type SP Gold
760 Fire Magic 1 10g
Location Encountered Dropped
Grand Staff Living Brass
Stolen Rare Steal
Gutsy Cloth Blood Cloth Crystal
Abilities: Wall Guard, Break Hit, Combo Strikes
Susceptible To: Immune to all status aliments
Weak Against: Element Water Magic Killer Rings


Shiidas, which will invariably come alongside Colbas, protecting Alchemists, have very good offense. They can hit for about 400 damage to any of your characters, front row or (thanks to Break Hit) back row. They also have Combo Strikes which will hit you twice for double the damage. That said, they have low HP and so can easily be dropped with some Aquara/Aquarus or physical attacks. On top of that they occasionally waste their turn by casting Wall Guard. There will be two of them and two Colbas (their near-clones) at a time though, so the offense can add up. Take care of them quickly. And for those keep track at home, yes. This is pretty much a paste job from the Colbas entry. I told you they were near-clones.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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