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Don't worry you don't have to pay for it

Starting Location: Gohtza City - Low Town
Errand Starter: Gybal
Available After: Disc 4

Other Locations: Uhra - The Great Gate

Uhra - Barkus' Arms and Armor Emporium

Side QuestEdit

Once you get to disc 4, go to Low Town and talk to a Khent named Gybal. He wants a memento from the Wohl battlefield. Travel to The Great Gate of Uhra and talk to Yelon, he is standing next to the Magic Taxi. He will inform you that anything salvaged from the battle field was sold to Barkus. Head over to Barkus' Arms and Armor Emporium and talk to Barkus. The sword is on the side of the opposite side of the room. Pick it up and you will get a Broken Khent Sword. Return to Gybal in Gohtza for your reward.


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