This is something of a hybrid between a side quest and an errand. It's a collection of related errands that can be performed once you have Sed in your party.

Throughout the game, if you have talked to all of the NPCs, you will discover a number of characters who are concerned about varying pieces of broken equipment. It turns out that Sed is something of a handyman and can repair all of the broken devices.

These are the individual errands that Sed can complete:

Location Errand Name Reward
Numara - Thelran's Inn The Broken Harp 19 Cape of Illusions
Grand Staff Construction Base Repair the Magic Engine 6 Living Brass
Gohtzan Refugee Camp Let There Be Light 5 Death Powder
Saman - Main Street Car Repair 5 Adamantine Ore
Saman - Emelo's Tavern Jukebox Repair Ice Water Amulet

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