Skilling Linking is one of the two processes by which immortals learn skills. By Skill Linking, immortals learn the skills of their mortal allies. To learn, immortals must participate in battle along with the mortal ally to which they are linked and gain Skill Points (SP). When the amount of SP (annotated in the description of the skill) required to learn the skill has been gained, the immortal will permanently retain the skill. The link may then safely be broken. Skills must then be set to one of the available slots. Immortals cannot use a linked skill until it has been learned.

Mortals cannot learn skills from other characters through the Skill Link system.

To link skills:

  1. Open the Party Menu
  2. Select "Skills"
  3. Choose the immortal who you want to learn a skill
  4. Select "Skill Link"
  5. Choose the mortal who you want the immortal to learn from
  6. Choose the skill you want the immortal to learn

The immortal will start to learn the skill.

Skill Linking might just be a game mechanic used to develop characters, or it might be a clever reference to Kaim. Skills are entirely associated with combat; that is, they are only ever used in combat and have no effect outside of battle. Kaim has spent most of his life as a mercenary, a career in which he most likely learned many tricks of the trade from his allies.

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