Lost Odyssey Enemy
Sky Reaper
Sky Reaper
HP Element Type SP Gold
20370 None Magic 10 1500
Location Encountered Dropped
Experimental Staff Remains Cape of Illusions, All-Round
Stolen Rare Steal
Invisibility Potion
Abilities: Break Hit, Combo Strikes, Weapon Guard
Susceptible To:
Weak Against: Magic Killer


Target with Magic Killer effects.

She has the very annoying passive ability to guard against normal melee attacks and can also hit very hard with the Break Hit, doing heavy damage directly on your precious HP. She can cast Battojutsu and KO an entire row of your party members.

Use spells like Divide, Forceus and strong damage elemental spells, like Flarus, Aquarus and that sort of thing. She randomly drops the All-Round ring.

Floors Found OnEdit

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