Snow Covered Trail

Seed 74

Seed #74

Points of InterestEdit

  • Save Orb (in one of the towers)
  • HP/MP restore Orb. (In one of the towers)


  • Healing Tank - Open the first orange light on the left
  • 2 Blazing Ruby - Open the second orange light on the left
  • 5 Shark Skin - Go to a tower on the right side they're in a chest by a Save Orb
  • Seed #74 - Go to a tower on the right side it's in a chest by a Save Orb


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Alraune 670 Magic Water Virus, Speeda, Flower of Suspicion, Vampire Bottle Blood Sucking Needle, Life Stealing Tooth, Pumice of Despair,
Incense of Distrust
Glacier Beast B 640 Magic Water Ice Needle Mysterious Perfume, Replica Staff Mysterious Perfume, Magic Crystal

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