Snowfields of the Northern Land

Location: The Snowfields of the Northern Land are, from the Port of Uhra: Follow the coastline north in the White Boa. After rounding around the north-western point of the continent, You will see a patch of thin, broken ice in between two glaciers formed up against the mountain range. (It looks just like the Pirate Fortress, just on the opposite side of the map.)

Upon arriving, Jansen will inform the group that he has indeed been here before. Looking for the mythical Black Magic Spell, 'Leveler', but had to abandon his goal after being overtaken by the elements. Seth, Ming and Sed have little faith in his story, until he doesn't sound too pleased to have returned. Which makes Seth all the more anxious to attempt it.

Points of InterestEdit

  • Being in this zone gradually drains away your MP, until the area boss is defeated.
  • To Reach the Blue Dragon (which is pretty much the only reason to come to this zone) observe which way the wind is blowing. This is made easier by all the blue partials floating in the air. Your party will need to head in the direction that the wind is coming from (so walking against the wind) 5 times in a row.
  • There are no hidden items in this zone so you don't need to bother looking.
  • After Boss fight is over press right thumb stick to return to world map.


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Bela 1,660 Aerial Fire Fast Cast, Gall Wing, All-Aquarus, Generatus Phoenix Tail, Vampire Bottle Wyvern's Sharp Claw, Draining Stone, Adamantine Ore, Ancient Statue
Blue Dragon + 9,350 Organic None All-Curse, Prismus, Leveler, Death, Forceus None Blue Dragon Eye
Kelogarita 2,100 Kelolon Water Kelolon, Shinus, Healus Kelo-Helmet, Magic-Storing Stone Kelolon Heart, Draining Stone
Million Kelolon 1,580 Kelolon Water Multi-Slash Kelo-Helmet, Magic-Storing Stone Kelo-Helmet, Kelolon Heart
Snowi 1,000 Organic Water Magic-Sealing Vase, Star Absorber Magic-Storing Stone, Star Absorber
Yeti 2,790 Organic Earth Reversa, Sacrifice/Reversa, Full Swing Manacles of Despair, Death Powder Iron Ball of Ruin, Gravestone of Fear, Adamantine Ore, Sealing Stone

Bosses Highlighted

+ Optional Boss

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