Lost Odyssey Enemy
Soul Armor
HP Element Type SP Gold
350 None Magic 1 120
Location Encountered Dropped
Old Sorceress' Mansion Quality Iron Sand
Seed of Terror
Stolen Rare Steal
Frontier Siderite None
Abilities: Seal, Minda
Susceptible To: Curse, Paralysis, Petrify, Toxin, Virus
Weak Against: Magic attacks (is immune to physical attacks)


Soul Armors are the counter-part for the Unidentified Life Forms. They are encountered in The Past within the Mirror at the Old Sorceress' Mansion and are immune to physical attacks. Use Force to defeat them easily. Just be aware that they're capable of casting Seal, disabling you from casting spells. Don't be caught off guard by that.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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