Lost Odyssey Enemy
HP Element Type SP Gold
550 None Magic 1 120
Location Encountered Dropped
Old Sorceress' Mansion Cold Water Stone
Mysterious Perfume
Stolen Rare Steal
Waterfall Cluster None
Abilities: Lost, Stone, Powera, Soul Absorb
Susceptible To: Curse, Poison, Terror, Toxin, Virus
Weak Against: Magic Killer Rings


From the very first time you run into Tempters, you are going to despise them -- and that's too bad since they're one of the only enemies in the Old Sorceress' Mansion; you'll be seeing a whole lot of them. Now, what makes them so annoying? On almost every one of their turns, they'll use Soul Absorb to steal some of your HP; and unlike enemies you've encountered so far that steal your HP, these guys mean business. They'll steal 200-300HP with each go! Casting Force is the easiest way to deal damage on Tempters, but you'll probably have to follow it up with a physical attack to take one down due to their HP being, annoyingly, just higher than what Force will probably hit them for.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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