Mother Nature's Spirit


Glacial Ice


Cubic Music Score 7

Side QuestsEdit

Points of InterestEdit



Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Ancient Grass 1,330 Hardened Fire Soul Absorb, Jamming, Poison, All-Flarus, Virus Stone Beast's Fang, Ancient Statue Living Gypsum, Stone Beast's Fang, Ancient Statue
Fossil Fish 1,280 Hardened Earth All-Stone, All-Groundus Frontier Siderite, Ancient Statue Mother Nature's Spirit, Metal Scale, Nightmare Seal, Fairy's Cradle
Gray Fossil 1,330 Hardened Wind Deadly Hit Gorgon Mask, Ancient Statue Shark Skin, Metal Scale, Dark Demon Note
Money-Money 8,240 None Wind Coin Toss, Steal and Heal, Heaven or Hell None Biography Of Backyard
Platinum Kelolon 2,480 Kelolon Water Kelolon Kelo-Oil, Death Powder Kelo-Oil, Kelo-Helmet, Kelolon Heart

Boss Highlighted

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