Place The Enchanter's Mask After the Boss Battle

Location: In the Temple of Enlightenment.

Points of InterestEdit

To SaveEdit

Once you finish the battle, exit by riding the platform back up. Follow the path to the edge of the room, go south. When you can, go east down the small set of stairs and follow the path to a platform that you ride down. Go west 2 blocks, ride the next platform down.

Go south and head for the red block. Trigger it twice, then go back to the platform and ride it up and then immediately back down (so you can exit the other side). Exit to the north, go to the end and ride the platform down. Head south and to the center of the room and you'll find the save point.

From the save point, go east to the side of the room and down the stairs. Head out to the Valley of Lonliness. There's only one way to go here, go east and then downstairs, then east again for the entrance into the Square of Eternity.

Side QuestsEdit