The Great Ancient Ruins
First Accessible Availability
Disc 4, after traversing the Burning Cave Available throughout the game.
Save Orb Refresh Orb Seeds Slot Seed
Hanging Corridor Hanging Corridor N/A N/A
Points of Interest


Side QuestsEdit


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Ancient Fiend 15,800 Spirit Magic None Bind Hit, Successive Waves, Fear, Shadowus None Angel Ring
Eastern Warrior 2,160 Spirit Magic None Delay, All Fall, Reversa, Slower, Regenerus Frontier Siderite, Magic Power Device Mother Nature's Spirit, Loud Bell, Roaring Iron Claw, Round Spirit Stone

Flame Beast 2,990 Beast Fire Hellfire, Lost, Sacred Pillar Waterfall Cluster, Beast King's Claw Glacial Ice, Raging Beast's Eye, Unicorn's Horn, Adamantine Ore
Gaiatoad 2,000 Organic Earth Acid Rain, Squash Poison Oil, Poisonous Bones Toxin Butterfly Scales, Necrosis Mold, Poisonous Red Snake, Byproduct X

Iron Colossus 2,260 Spirit Magic None Hammer, Charge, Giga Crush Guardian Ore, Iron Ball of Ruin Glacial Ice, Beast Hide Rasp, Beat Stone, Iron Ball of Ruin
Keystone 6,690 Hardened None Delay, Slower, Shuffle, Splitter None Angel Feather
Magi-Plant 1,370 Spirit Magic None Shadowus, Spore Magic Staff Fragment, Ultra Paralysis Fluid Glacial Ice, Magic Staff Fragment, Paraweed Needle, Paralyzing Thorn
Money 1,590 None Wind Coin Toss Thief's Key Ring, Invisibility Potion Mother Nature's Spirit, Thief's Key Ring, Master-Thief Tool, Ceremonial-Crystal
Trooky 920 None Fire Steal Bent Needle, Jet Black Cloth Purgatory Ore, Thief's Charm, Brass Key
Trooky Queen 4,840 None Fire Item Blast Sorcerer's Bracelet Sorcerer's Bracelet
Water Beast 2,990 Beast Water Riptide, Sacred Pillar Sun Crystal, Beast King's Claw Purgatory Ore, Raging Beast's Eye, Unicorn's Horn, Adamantine Ore
Wind Sphere 650 Magic Wind Windus Gale Wing, Round Spirit Stone Fujin Drum, Round Spirit Stone, Adamantine Ore, Living Brass

Bosses Highlighted