The Gates of Uhra

Seed 01

Seed #1

"This magnificent structure serves as the entrance to the City of Uhra as well as providing protection from enemies. The monorail station has now been an essential part of Uhra's transportation and it is one of the blessings from the Magic-Industrial Revolution."

-A book found in Tolsan's Inn

Location: The Magic Republic of Uhra

The Great Gate of Uhra is the entry point to the city. It also serves a defensive structure in the event of enemy invasion. The large gate itself is used only by vehicles. Pedestrians use a monorail system to enter the city.


Points of InterestEdit

  • There is a Save Orb near the watch tower
  • There is a Magic Taxi to the right of the gate

Side Quests and ErrandsEdit

Items Edit

Listed in the order the player will most likely acquire them

Name Location Acquired
10 Gold Immediately to Kaim's left when player takes control "Kick" large can
Whetstone Immediately to Kaim's left when player takes control, next to the 10 gold listed above "Kick" large can
Magma Fragment Immediately to Kaim's right when player takes control "Kick" large can
Mana Herb Next to a large red box covered with a tarp far to right of Kaim's starting position "Kick" large can
Seed #1 Top of the watch tower "Kick" large can

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