Kelolon Associate X 3
HP Element Type Row
1,540 Water Kelolon Front
Abilities: Combination, Powerus, Zephyra, Shieldus
Weak Against: Element Earth, Kelo-Killer Rings

Flavor Text: Here They Come! The Kelolon Battalion!

Have you ever seen the Kelolon Battalion's combination? The guy at the front desk goes crazy for that sort of thing. Show it to him a few times and I bet he'll give you something for it.

Class: Light Class

Victory Conditions (2 Stars)

  • Defeat all enemies

Secret Victory Conditions (3 Stars)

  • Allow the kelolon to perform "Combination" three or more times.

Three Star Victory Strategy

Assemble a team of tank characters for your front line and have two magic users that are versatile in Black and White magic on your back line. In particular, the magic users should be equipped with Dispel, All-Shield/All-Shieldus, All-Barricade, strong healing spells, and Grounda/Groundus. Your front line should be equipped with Guard, but avoid Counter and its ilk.

Begin the battle by having your non-magic users defend and have your magic users cast All-Shield and All-Barricade. Allow the Kelolon to attack. The will usually perform a Combination on the first turn and every other turn thereafter.

Continue defending with your sword and gun characters and healing as necessary with your magic users until the Kelolon have performed Combination three times. Pay attention to the spells they are casting -- Powerus applied to the center Kelolon can cause severe damage during a Combination. Whenever you see Powerus cast, Dispel it with your magic users.

Once three Combinations have occured, you may begin attacking. The battle should end very quickly at this point if you have all of your front line attack a single Kelolon and have your magic users cast Grounda on the remaining two.

2 Star Reward: Backyard for Beginners

3 Star Reward: Slot Seed

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