Tower of Mirrors
First Accessible Availability
After the 2nd time you visit Grand Staff Available till the end of the game.
Save Orb Refresh Orb Seeds Slot Seed
Points of Interest
End Game This is the end of the game. After you are done here the game is over.

Location: The Tower of Mirrors is located in the center of the world map. It is in the middle of the lake and is near the Kelolon Village, it can be seen by flying over it with Sed's ship and can only be accessed after you go to the Grand Staff and follow it to the Tower of Mirrors.


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Luminous Magic Beast 55,860 Beast None Ray Charge, Ultimate Ray, All-Flarus, All-Aquarus, All-Groundus, Forceus N/A N/A

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