Throughout the world of Lost Odyssey, small interactive boxes called 'Treasure Boxes' are scattered. These of which contain items to aid Kaim and his fellow adventurers on their journey.

Items can range from commonly used potions to powerful weaponry, rings and/or accessories.

'Treasure Boxes' can range from treasure chests, trash-can or pillar type objects that can be "kicked" to receive an item, trees that can be "rammed" to receive an item, posters that can be peeled back to receive an item, items found through a Treasure Hunt or items just on the ground to Pick Up.

There is an achievement named 'Treasure Trove' which is given to players when they have collected every single item from the treasures boxes from all over the Lost Odyssey world. The game has provided a shortcut however, allowing players to purchase items found in areas that are no longer available at an auction house. (Purchasing items from the Auction House *DOES* count towards the Treasure Trove achievement.)

Note: if a player misses an item in an area that can be revisited, it will not appear at the auction house.

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