The most difficult Achievement to earn in Lost Odyssey is the Treasure Trove Achievement. It requires the player to collect virtually every item in the game. Given how huge this game is and how many items that can be found it's a bit of a daunting task. We here at Lost Odyssey Wiki are here to help. So to make things easier for those of you obsessive compulsive enough to attempt this achievement we have created a check list of all the items needed to unlock this achievement.

The list has been compiled referencing the Split Infinity Walk Through. We have used this walk through because the author "guarantees" the reader that he or she will earn the Treasure Trove Achievement as the author claims to have earned it twice.

That said what items are required for said achievement and what items are not is not entirely clear. The Achievement it self states "Obtain all Treasure Box items in the field. The items you missed may be available at auction house." Items obtained through quests don't appear to count however quests that allow you to gain access to items in a chest most likely do (a good example of this would be the Tower Lifts or the Gondola Date Side Quests).

To Clarify these are the items that are included on the list

  • Items Found in Pots
  • Items Found in Cans
  • Items Found in vines
  • Items Found behind posters
  • Items Found in Drawers or Cupboards
  • Items Found in glinting spots on the ground
  • Items Found in Treasure Chests
  • Items Found by Ramming or Kicking Objects
  • Items that can not be accesses unless the player completes a side quest
  • Quest items (listed in your item menu as "Valuables")
  • Treasure Hunt and Invisible Treasure Hunt Items
  • Underwater Treasures

These are the items NOT included in this list

  • Items that are bought from vendors
  • Items that are dropped/stolen from monsters or bosses
  • Quest rewards that are directly rewarded to the player from the NPC (Examples: Uhran Soldier's Effects & The Lost Ring )

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