Evil Eye
HP Element Type Row
2,670 None Spirit Magic Back
Abilities: All-Powerus, Prismus, All-Shieldus, Stare (All-Petrify), Shadowa
Weak Against: Spirit Killer Rings
Susceptible To: Blind, Poison

HP Element Type Row
1,240 None Mechanical Front
Abilities: Alarm Lv 2
Weak Against: Machine Killer Ring

White Dog X 2
HP Element Type Row
1,360 None Beast Front
Abilities: Normal attacks may cause Paralysis
Weak Against: Beast Killer Rings

Flavor Text: A mechanical eye and monster eye team up for trouble! The terrors of teamwork!

There used to be a guy here who defeated 4 White Dogs. Set a record doing it too, I hear.

Class: Light Class

Victory Conditions (2 Stars):

  • Win within 10 turns
  • Defeat the Evil Eye

Secret Victory Conditions (3 Stars):

  • Defeat five or more White Dogs during the course of the battle.

Three Star Victory Strategy

Equip Anti-Petrify skill and keep killing dogs to keep the cyclops busy.

2 Star Reward: 5 Healing Potion

3 Star Reward: Slot Seed

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