When you're facing these guys you'll only have Seth and a rather un-leveled Tolten in your party. Because of that, Mistwalker was nice enough to make these guys pretty weak. One physical attack should take them down. They do about 100-150 damage, so they aren't a huge threat, but be aware of their Command attack. If there's a Guard Dog on the screen they'll use this move for big damage. Try and take out all of the guard dogs or all of the Uhran Infantry first – as long as all of one of the enemy types are gone, this attack will not be possible.

Lost Odyssey Enemy
Uhran Infantry A
HP Element Type SP Gold
200 None None 1 200
Location Encountered Dropped
Uhra Seed of Terror Gutsy Cloth Mirror Stone of Fear
Stolen Rare Steal
Seed of Terror Manacles of Despair
Abilities: Command
Susceptible To: Blind, Petrify, Seal, Virus
Weak Against: No Inherent Weaknesses

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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