Lost Odyssey Enemy
Water Beast
HP Element Type SP Gold
2,990 Water Beast 2 500
Location Encountered Dropped
The Great Ancient Ruins Purgatory Ore
Raging Beast's Eye
Unicorn's Horn
Adamantine Ore
Stolen Rare Steal
Sun Crystal Beast King's Claw
Abilities: Riptide (All Water), Lost (upon death), Sacred Pillar
Susceptible To: Immune to all status aliments
Weak Against: Element Earth, Beast Killer Rings


The Water Beast is the counterpart to the Flame Beast, though they will not always appear together. When alone, the Water Beast can hit everyone at once with Riptide, or use decently powered physical attacks; it's not too bad though. The only thing to worry about is leaving it alive while it's with a Flame Beast. They can do a combination attack together called Sacred Pillar, which will do 400-500 damage to your front row as well as 100-200 damage to your back row. The Water Beast is weak against Grounda, but has a higher magic defense than the Flame Beast; focus on the Flame Beast first, and take the Water Beast down afterwards.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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