Location: City of NumaraNumara - Main StreetNinn's Boutique

Availability: Must complete Password For the Showroom side quest to access the back room. This shop is available throughout the game.

NPC Type: Shop Keeper



Type Name Power Cost
Sword Steel Sword 32 750g
Staff Force Staff 11 810g


Item Enhancement Price
Turn-Tail Shoes Turn-Tail 280g
Platinum Gauntlet Guard Heal 270g
Circlet Relax 450g
Knight's Code Stand Ready 270g
Apprentice Earrings Level 2 Black/White Magic 500g
Antidote Brooch Anti-Poison 280g
Search Glasses Status Analysis 210g
Treasure Glasses Treasure Analysis 440g
Light Lens Anti-Blind 410g
Alarm Clock Anti-Sleep 480g
Yellow Band Anti-Paralysis 450g
Sage's Protection Crisis Concentration 280g


Item Price
Magma Fragment 30g
Cold Water Stone 30g
Wind Seal Leaf 30g
Quality Iron Sand 30g
Beast's Horn 35g
Junk Parts 50g
Insect Innards 25g
Magic-Luring Stone 50g
Sticky Tape 20g
Whetstone 15g

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