Lost Odyssey Enemy
HP Element Type SP Gold
930 Water Organic 1 180
Location Encountered Dropped
Ice Canyon Cold Water Stone
Rainbow Coral
Sandman's Seal
Nightmare Seal
Stolen Rare Steal
Demon Sculpture None
Abilities: Slower, Virus, Speeda, All-Aquara
Susceptible To: Blind, Curse, Paralysis, Petrify, Poison, Terror, Toxin
Weak Against: Element Earth, Bio Killer Rings


 Weed can inflict you with Virus, slow down your action times, and speed up the action times of its own party. The problem is, it's simply too weak to last very long. Any -a spell will kill it; you don't even need to match up elements and hit it with Grounda. To its benefit, All-Aquara is pretty strong. That could be a problem if the Weeds used it often, but they generally prefer to waste their turns on Slower and Speeda.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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